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“stay troo” ladies tee

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troo wear x afx dance

AFX Dance is a dance organization from UC Berkeley that seeks to strengthen aspirations, family, and experience through choreography.
As 2013 came to a close, discussion of a concept uniform designed through collaboration between Troo Wear and AFX Dance was underway. This uniform later came to fruition with a dual-layered leather shell, smoothed wool vest, inner padding, and custom embroidery.
In addition, a popping dance video project – titled “REBIRTH” – was created with dancers invited from around the SF Bay Area.


troo wear was founded as a streetwear and lifestyle brand in 2007 by Christopher C Lee.

our roots lie in East Bay Area culture and fashion, where we constantly push out the theme of staying true to yourself and your dreams.

we seek to express freedom in creative design through our work and build positive energy in our community by collaborating with peers on artistic ventures.